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Hikes from the Hotel Jolanda to the Catinaccio, Dolomites
Numerous summer and winter hikes for mountaineers and nature lovers start directly at the Hotel Jolanda.
Below you will find our hiking tips for your holiday in the Dolomites.

B&B Hotel Jolanda Dolomites Carezza
B&B Hotel Jolanda Dolomites Carezza
B&B Hotel Jolanda Dolomites Carezza
B&B Hotel Jolanda Dolomites Carezza
Hike from Hotel Jolanda to "Messnerjoch"
Panoramic hike for the whole family to the alpine hut Messnerjoch
Start at guesthouse Jolanda. From here, a convenient forest path (Gschlössltal-Mesnerwies) leads in a northeasterly direction. Follow the path and after about half an hour you turn right at the crossroads above the alp Frommer Alm. Follow trail number 1B to the alpine hut Messnerjoch, which is located directly at the foot of the Rosengarten/Catinaccio. Return on the same way.
B&B Hotel Jolanda Dolomites Carezza
Panoramic hike at the Rosengarten/Catinaccio
A relatively short hike that offers wonderful panoramic views.
At the Hotel Jolanda, turn left onto marker 16 and follow it through the forest and wide meadows. At the next junction, continue straight towards the hut Kölner Hütte. Now it's a little steeper up to the intersection with marker 1, where you keep left and reach the "Mountain Cinema Eggental". The highest point has been reached and a slight descent leads to the alpine hut Messnerjoch with a wonderful panoramic terrace. After a rest, you go back the same way you came until the first junction. Keep to the right at the first (Mark. 1B) and second junction (Mark. 15) and arrive at the alp Frommeralm. There you follow the marking 1A towards the south, i.e. towards the Latemar mountains and back to the Jolanda inn.
Inn Hotel Guesthouse dolomites carezza nova levante
The legendary hike - from the Karerpass/Passo di Costalunga to the Karersee/Lago di Carezza and to Welschnofen/Nova Levante
This hike takes you from the Karerpass/Passo di Costalunga via path no.21 through the mysterious forest Karerwald to the intersection with path no.11, which takes you to the Lake Karersee/Lago di Carezza.

A beautiful water maid once lived here. One day the warlock of Masarè heard her singing and fell in love with the mermaid. He used all his power to win the water fairy, but he failed. So the warlock asked the witch Langwerda for help. The latter advised him to disguise himself as a jeweler, to create a rainbow from the Rosengarten/Catinaccio to the Latemar, and then to Lake Karersee to attract and kidnap the virgin.
The warlock followed this advice but forgot to dress up. The mermaid marveled at the colorful rainbow and the glittering gems, but soon noticed the magician and immediately went back into the Lake Karersee. She has never been seen since.
The warlock tore the rainbow from the sky because of his heartache, smashed it and threw all of the rainbow with the jewels into the lake. And so the Lake Karersee still shimmers in the most gorgeous rainbow colors.

The hike continues on path no. 10 a and no. 7 to Welschnofen/Nova Levante.

Starting point: Karerpass/Passo di Costalunga
Walking time: 3-4 hours
Difference in altitude: 680 m
Degree of difficulty: easy
Inn Hotel Guesthouse dolomites carezza nova levante
Historical trail of Tiers/Tires
From the church in Tiers/Tires - approx. 20 minutes by car from the Hotel Jolanda - the hike first leads out of the valley through the village until the Völsegg path branches off to the right (sign with street name). Continue on the path until you see the signposting of the Alpine Club. Follow the marking to Völsegg until the path branches off to the left. Follow this downhill and continue on path No. 6A in the direction of St. Kathrein until you reach the main street. Cross this and get to the Galgenwiesl just below. The same route takes you back to marker 6B, which leads to Völsegg. Past the new building along the path to the Thalerbühel (information board). Now via path no. 4 up to St. Sebastian and on to the alp Wuhnleger. From there, follow the marking 4a to Weißlahnbad and St. Zyprian. With the regular bus back to Tiers.

The history hiking trail leads through the entire populated area of ​​Tiers. In the course of the hike, you will pass 11 historically interesting points, which are marked by their own signs and information boards. Outside the village you first come across the “Galgenwiesl”, the former place of execution of the judicial district. Then you reach the location of the former castle Völsegg. The following section between the former castle and the Thalerbühel could be the oldest path into the valley that was already used in pre-Roman times. Via St. Sebastian and the alp Wuhnleger it goes to Weißlahnbad, which has been a health resort since 1811. Via the nature park house to St. Zyprian and to the little church next to the street.

Starting point: church in Tiers/Tires
Walking time: 4.5 hours
Difference in altitude: 670 m
Degree of difficulty: medium
Inn Hotel Guesthouse dolomites carezza nova levante
To the alp Hanigerschwaige
A forest path (no. 1 and 7) branches off from the car park at the Niger Pass - 5 minutes by car from the guesthouse Jolanda - in the direction of the alps Baumannschwaige and Hanigerschwaige and leads steeply up through the forest. Just before the alp Baumannschwaige you cross the stream Schwaigerbach. In the shade of the spruce forest, you climb the path no.7 up to 2000 m. Then you hike almost flat over extensive mountain meadows below the Laurinswand and the Vajoletturm and enjoy the beautiful view of the Tierser valley. Through short forest sections and meadow slopes it goes down to the alp Hanigerschwaige (1908 m). From here you can go back the same way or descend to Tiers and complete the circular walk. Shortly before the alp Hanigerschwaige, a connecting path leads through the forest to the Nigerpassstraße (Niger Pass).

Starting point: car park at the Niger Pass
Walking time: 2-3 hours
Difference in altitude: 270 m
Degree of difficulty: easy

Inn Hotel Guesthouse dolomites carezza nova levante
To the hut Tschafon and the peak of Völseggspitz
The starting point of the hike is Weißlahnbad above St. Zyprian (San Cipriano) at the entrance to the Tschamin valley - approx. 20 minutes by car from the Hotel Jolanda. There is spacious parking space here. The trail 4 A leads west to the last houses, then you leave the asphalt road and follow the slightly rising forest path “Wuhn”. After a short stretch of forest you reach the meadows Wuhnleger with the small pond, in which the peaks of the Rosengarten/Catinaccio and the peaks of Vajolettürme are reflected. On the slope immediately in front of the pond Wuhner, path 4 branches off and leads steeply up to the path with a wooden crossroads: the gravel road is shorter but steep, path 4 A is longer, but more convenient and more scenic. Further up you cross a mountain pine forest and shortly after you reach the saddle with the alpine hut Tschafonhütte (1738 m). A climb from the hut takes around 20 minutes (approx. 100 m) to the nearby peak Völseggspitze. The way back leads back to the alpine hut Tschafonhütte, but then northwards down the ridge above Ums (no.4). In turns we go west through the spruce forest down to Schönblick. From here, follow trail 6 to Völsegg. At the shrine of Völsegg take the path 4B and 4 and climb slightly but continuously to a forest road. At the junction to St. Sebastian you continue on the forest path. After a short descent you reach the pond Wuhner and the mountain meadows. From there it goes back to the parking lots of Weißlahnbad.

Starting point: Weißlahnbad
Walking time: 5 hours
Difference in altitude: 830 m
Difficulty level: difficult (but no technical difficulties)

Inn Hotel Guesthouse dolomites carezza nova levante
To the "Rechter Leger" in Tschamin Valley
The hike starts in St. Zyprian (San Cipriano) - approx. 15 minutes by car from the Hotel Jolanda. It is a leisurely walk up the main road that leads to the Niger Pass (Passo Nigra) up to the junction of the forest road on the left-hand side of the road (sign “Tschamintal”). The path is almost flat at the beginning and then climbs briefly to the meadows of Rungun, from which you have a wonderful view of the entire Tiers valley. Benches invite you to rest along the way. We continue over a forest ridge into the Tschamin valley. You come to a roadblock and shortly before the second barrier you notice a steep path on the left that comes up from Weißlahnbad and the alp Tschaminschwaige (1175 m). (These locations can also be considered as a starting point because they have larger parking spaces.) So we hike through the green Tschamin valley and soon reach a larger meadow from which a wider path branches off to the right into the forest. We stay on the path and just keep going. Shortly afterwards we cross the stream Tschaminbach. The path becomes a little steeper and we reach a small clearing (Schafleger) with a bench. Then we cross the stream Tschaminbach for a second time on a small bridge and reach the "Rechter Leger" with a small alpine hut. On the meadow in front of the hut there is a carved cross with a bench to linger. From here you can see the peaks and of the Rosengarten/Catinaccio, especially the peaks of Grasleitenspitzen (2672 m) and the Valbonkogel (2824 m).
Return on the same way.

Starting point: St. Zyprian (San Ciprian)
Walking time: 3.5 hours
Difference in altitude: 470 m
Degree of difficulty: medium


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